Friday, June 24, 2011


 I got some film back from the Harlem Crit fixed event. A pretty good turn out considering how last minute everything was organized. I recently started skateboarding again and fell pretty hard so I couldn't race but it was nice to roll up on a group ride and support in beautiful Harlem!
 Standing start
 Everyone looked stoked and nervous at the same time, the usual for most races.
 My man Santiago was giving it his all and holding his all unfortunately that fancy front wheel was tubular and went flat halfway through the race.
 Props to Heather Muller for being the only girl out there! She rode her street gear and was spinning out. Most of the racers had no idea what to expect.
 These two held down the front after breaking away after the 3rd lap. Ktel and a Chicago guy in the Cutting Crew.

Cutting Crew for the win, kind of a confusing ending of the race. The announcer was not up to speed with the lap card holder. Spectators and racers were very annoyed but after a few everyone calmed down. I hope next year is a little better put together.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Snapshots from around NYC

I recently purchased a new camera, these are some test shots from me riding my bike around with it.
Roof fires

Grown men bathing in public fountains with a Barbi.

 A local machanic

I hope she said "YES"


Interesting advertising 

This guy is faster than you.

Still there!

Junkie love!

CHICO, a local graffiti artist/sign painter in action by my house.

So, just a couple of quick test shots, overall I'm stoked on this camera. Contax T-2

Monday, June 20, 2011

Patricks Serotta

Some friends were in town recently and a newer friend Patrick came to meet up with us and spin some laps around Central Park.
                (As always click on photo to enjoy full size)

I was curious which bike Patrick was going to bring. I was really happy to see him bring out the Serotta out of the stable as they were built for T-town velodrome for training and renting purposes. He managed to buy this with full Mavic track group from someone who went down to the swap and bought it.

Out of all that I've seen and there has been a lot recently as the director of the velodrome decided to clean out storage, this is the cleanest I've seen. Congrats to Patrick on this period correct timeless build lets hope he keeps it classy.
Tracko, this shot is for you. 

Friday, June 17, 2011


Rain or shine come through to the Harlem skyscraper cycling classic! Below is a flyer for the fixed event that yours truly will be racing in and a video of the road event from last year. I really like that more and more fixed criterium are popping up across the country, the format can be very similar to traditional track racing. If we can work on track bikes and ride through out the city in traffic on them, pretty sure we can race them in circles. Hope to see you all there and stick around for the road race event!


Monday, June 13, 2011


I ran into my friend Doug a couple weeks back with his new touring bike, pretty sick if you ask me! I've known Doug for the past 5 years, we were roommates my first couple of years living in NYC. We both are working on bike and photography projects. Check out his blog here:
 Whenever we run into each other we always take the time to catch up for a few.
Great running into you man!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Portrait Time

Got some film back so you know what that means, PORTRAIT TIME!
I am really stoked to have so many friends that ride and express their individual style both on and off the bike! 
My friend Miguel is a amazing artist and also customizes track bikes, this is the Batman build.
Be sure to check his website here:

A friend Chris Kellar came into town with this lovely build to pay some tickets and get some advice for a new company he's starting. Gold Star in Indy. Really motivated kid, I wish you the best!

A good friend of mine, Nate Gogal, "URAN8" in the backyard of his tattoo shop, Thicker Than Water.
My friend Shawn Wolf also from Indy came into town to pay a ticket and get some advice for his new delivery service called Gold Star in Indy. Keep em grounded Shawn and best of luck!

Speaking of new delivery services, a good friend of mine Cassandra recently opened her own service Sparrow Courier  in the Williamsburgh, Greenpoint, Bushwick area of Brooklyn! 
If you need anything delivered in Brooklyn hit her up here: