Tuesday, February 1, 2011

“FUZZY BUILT" Rasta Surly

Bryan's Bikes
This is one of his earlier builds, a Surly Steamroller frame built up with a rasta theme!
Click on photos to enjoy full size
Check out Bicycle Revolutions here:http://www.bicyclerevolutions.com/
 Expired 35mm
 Drive side shot
 Bryan is a big fan of custom built wheels, this is his 3 trailing build on some dimension hubs.
 Even has rasta colored nipples!
 Da kine brah!
 Chris King makes the best headsets, they even offer a rasta version
 red green and gold!
 Really sick pedals!

Rasta mon' wanna ride in comfort!

Check out Bryan and Bicycle Revolutions if your in Philly!

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