Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Bicycle Film Festival

If you've ever been to the Bicycle Film festival chances are you've seen these two with many others making it happen! 

Brendt Barbur  put together the BFF 10 years ago to advocate bicycles after getting in a accident. 
Last year was the 10 year anniversary, and in my opinion the best one yet.  I have been to the past 3 in NYC, there is always a block party with vendors and bike shops selling everything bike related. One of my favorite parts of the BFF street party is the race and trick jam, with the ever growing fixed gear scene growing there was a huge turn out last year. 
If you have interest in submitting a film or want to know more about the BFF check them out here:

Jen's from Florida, this was her first time riding in the snow.

 We headed west to find some nice light, this was the first one on one time I had spent with Brendt. Really positive and motivated guy!
Jen was a real sport jumping into this huge snow pile!
During the BFF last year Brendt had shown interest in the 10th year to be the last, after some serious thought he is going to continue the BFF! 
Jen has hops. When she first got this bike it was so clean, its been cool to see it grow.
 So does this guy! He won the bmx bunny hop contest.
 Here was the fixed freestyle bunny hop contest that Ted Shred was judging. Tyler Johnson getting up there!
 There were so many ramps this year, WONKA wall riding the U-HAUL truck!
Thanks for the good times and all the hard work Brendt Barbur ! Glad to hear there will be more Bicycle Festivals to come!

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