Saturday, October 19, 2013

I'm back

After taking a break for a year from this blog, I've decided to continue this project. First, let me explain the name as I've heard and read some pretty negative comments regarding it. When I was a kid, my grandmother used to give me money for milk at school, I never spent it on milk, I saved up and bought other things, such as skateboard stickers, cassette tapes an well, candy. As a pre teen I had 2 paper routes, again, I saved my money and bought BMX bikes and skateboards. So the idea with this project that I had in mind when I started "Milk Money"was growing up with humble beginnings I learned the value of hard work and saving up to accomplish goals. With that said I find shooting film to be the same principle, taking your time, saving up and executing ideas and concepts. I'll continue to show bike oriented content on this blog, if you follow or know of my other work please check it out here: Just a simple tumblr showing my film work, some of the work might cross over.  So, thats the scoop, welcome back and enjoy some images as a re introduction.

I recently was in France with NYC Velo, shooting and riding. This day we rode to Italy and back, clocking in 92km and around 3400 meters.

Here is Brett, a good buddy and co worker of mine, shredding on our memorial day ride.

Mike from Mash was kind enough to trade me this Landshark SSCX frame and some bits for my old Daccordi track bike. Thanks again Mike!

Finally, here is a good friend and mentor Bryan from Bicycle Revolutions we were in Ogden Utah together for a QBP event and managed to get some miles in together.

That's it for now as I have to wake up early to hit a cross race (more on that later). A lot has changed in  a year and change but a lot has stayed the same just progressed and I'm happy to be back, check the links, click on the photos to enjoy full size,check Wilis  and get out there and shred.

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